About Us

Jun Hyuk Kwak

Palo Alto High school

“I’m always bored, how do I look up something fun to do around here?” 

Hello. I’m Jun Hyuk Kwak, the creator of talkthegap.com. This is a typical question that I get while volunteering at the senior center tech room. Right off the bat this shows us two issues I frequently encounter: loneliness and difficulty finding information

To us, the internet means infinite social interactions, but most seniors aren’t able to fully enjoy these benefits as websites and technology can be complicated for them. Imagine how many amazing opportunities are being missed by them because of this.

On top of that, the younger generation doesn’t interact with the older one as much anymore.

We also lose a lot of opportunities to learn from them and receive life advice and this doesn’t seem to give seniors’ voices the respect it deserves.

When Covid-19 struck, everything became disastrous. Way less opportunities to go out and  socialize, harder to get help with searching for information, and even less interaction between seniors and the younger generation. Something in my inner consciousness was just like “we need one place that can solve it all.” So I built this website and built a team of fellow passionate bay area students to accomplish this project.

Our mission is simple: to almost be like your grandchildren, as we share stories and news to break loneliness, help you gather useful information for your problems, and provide a simple and intuitive website for your needs. Additionally, we’ll even ask you to share your knowledge, wisdom, and advice as we talk across our generational gap. An opportunity to share your voice.

Senior Advisors


Vivian Conrad
Senior Advisor

We are not that different, even despite the generational gap. We spend a lot of time talking about each other, but not enough time talking to each other. We can all accomplish so much more if we talk across this generational gap and understand each other more.