Can You Solve this Riddle?

Hi! Today I’ll be introducing to you a cipher that is used in escape room games. The following phrase is being reconstructed. Read the passage to find out our message!!!

Here are the clues/riddle:


We were together. Destiny pulls us apart. 

From my soul. 

From my blood.

From my heart.

Destiny put us back together. Forcibly pieced these meaningless pieces back together.

One after another, I was buried with you, who was dismantled and reconstructed.

Only through reconstruction, you can return to me. I can return to you.

From the top to bottom, we’re connecting.

Everything can return to its meaning. 

5ding you was hard. 

This letter is 4 you 🥀

Okkkkk! SO THE solution is:

This phrase “We were together. Destiny pulls us apart.” means that the original message got reorganized. The way destiny ”pulls apart” was by using 4 “fences” (this letter is 4 you) to separate the letters. So now the message is changed to 



One after another, I was buried with you

That means the code should be put one after another. After trying a few times, you will see putting those 5 groups(5ding you was hard) vertically, the message will appear.

Welcome to talk the gap!!!!!

Did anyone figure it out? Let us know if you did!