Diabolical trash can

My Childhood Experiences With Diabolical Trash Cans

So back when I was in preschool, we used to have one of these “stepping trash cans” where you put your foot on this pedal and it would open up the lid of the trash can. 

It looked something like this

We all have our own childhood fears, and this trash can was mine (what was yours?). Sounds crazy right? Ok let me explain: the lid looks like a giant mouth. I know it’s an extremely simple explanation, but that’s really the gist of it. Huge mouth = huge danger in my mind.

I was always scared that it was going to eat me and my fear of the trash can was HILARIOUS to my parents and all the other adults that stopped by our house. While funny at first (and maybe even adorable), my fear soon got tedious to deal with. I say “at first,” because once the novelty of laughing at me wore off, my parents realized that having to hold my hand and walk with me down the hall every time we went past the trash can was not such a fun activity. Dad’s working on something and is busy? Well too bad, I want to use the bathroom down the hall and he has to take me there. Mom’s making dinner? Well I need an escort to go past the trash can safely.

Anyways, I am proud to announce that at 17 years old, I mostly no longer have this fear anymore (to my parents’ relief). If anyone else has had some irrational fear like this when they were younger, I want to know. Maybe we could even list them all up and have a vote on which one’s the best (or worst).

2 thoughts on “My Childhood Experiences With Diabolical Trash Cans

  1. Celine

    So funny 🙂

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