How I Like To Have Fun With (Mess with) Scammers

Has anyone threatened you and told you that OBAMA would show up at your door with the police unless you sent money to a certain organization?

Yeah I have, and the younger version of me couldn’t figure out that this was a COMPLETE and hilarious scam. (I mean I knew that Obama wasn’t probably going to come to my house with the police, but a small part of me was thinking: what if he actually does?)

Anyways, I actually enjoy getting phone call scams. Yup. Why might you ask? Well, I hate scams so much I take joy in pranking these phone scammers back whenever they try to call me and steal my money.

Here’s some examples I have done so far. Now before I tell you about these I have to warn you: if you want to try these out the next time you get a scam call, you do so at your own risk.

My first go to “strategy”: Whenever I get a scam call, I insist that they have called some local take out restaurant (usually some fast food chain) and ask for their order. While it is funny, at least in my opinion, they usually hang up right away so it’s not too much fun. Overall, I rate this strategy a 5/10

This next one I call “the time waster”: One of the scams going on recently is the “Marriott Hotel Scam” where someone who’s pretending to be a Marriott employee offers you a free stay. What I do is strike up a conversation with the scammer, pretend to fall for their antics, and when it finally comes time for me to provide them with my credit card details (“for identification or for a deposit” they claim) I say “oops I don’t have a credit card” and hang up. Boom, I just wasted 20 minutes of their time that they would have spent trying to scam someone else

ALTERNATIVELY, I tell them “sure! Let me just go and find my card” and then go off doing something else. It now has become a game of patience, as the scammer on the other end decides how long they want to wait before getting frustrated.

Have you ever thought of doing something like this? Or perhaps you have some other ideas of ways to get back at scammers. If you do, let me know and I’ll even maybe try it out and record the whole process.