Lassen Park - Rotten Egg Geyser

Lassen Park Trip – Part Five: Rotten Egg Geysers

On paper, visiting a natural geyser sounds like one of the most interesting things to do on a hike or when out camping.

There’s one major caveat though, and that’s the horrid smell of rotten eggs everywhere you go. For those of you who don’t know, natural geysers emit a type of sulfur gas (I would go into the chemistry of it, but I’m pretty sure that would bore the entire audience so I shall refrain from doing so). Unfortunately that means every time you tell your kids “oh go stand next to that geyser so we can take some family pictures” you’re forcing them to stand right next to one of my most hated smells.

For exactly that reason, all of our photos from this trip where we’re in front of geysers shows my sister and I making the exact same face: pure disgust.

Interestingly enough, my parents both didn’t seem to mind the smell that much and thought it was worth smelling it to see the cool geysers.

Am I being overdramatic? If anyone of you has ever been to a natural geyser, let me know how bad you thought the smells actually were.