Militant Deer

Lassen Park Trip – Part Four: Militant Deer

Ok so part three of our Lassen Park Trip talked about making sure not to scare the deer while you’re going to the bathroom in the middle night.

Well, I am happy to say that part four is also about our deer friends. I am not entirely sure why, but the deer my family encountered simply had no fear of humans.

For proof of my point: this one deer (pictured above) straight up charged toward my mom right up until she was a few meters away.

Even after constant screaming from our group, did the deer choose to run away? Nope! Instead it chose to calmly walk away on its own accord… Wow.

Now I know I’m not an expert on wildlife, but I think I have an idea why they’re like that: Either they know no reason to fear humans (because they live in a protected area) or (more shockingly) they do not give a damn about what humans or what they can do and will just choose to do whatever they please.

Anyways, what do you think? I know some people who live in more rural parts of other states for whom daily run ins with bears are no big deal. How’s your experience with wild animals?