Lassen Park - Cinder Cone

Lassen Park Trip – Part One: Cinder Cone

Hi everyone! A while back, my family went on a trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park and stayed the night in a cabin. One of our many highlights: scaling a 6900 foot tall mountain.

Look carefully at the photo (at the mountain, not my face please): you’ll notice that the mountain looks like it’s made of tiny little pebbles. Now while technically they’re called “scoria” I’ll just refer to them by their scientific name of “little small rock thingies.”

Unfortunately this makes climbing the mountain harder as you go up: it gets steep and you need to slightly dig your foot in. This ultimately lead from my parents dragging my sister and I to the cinder cone (we didn’t want to go) to eventually us trying to drag them up the cinder cone (they didn’t want to go).

Anyways, if you’re really interested in extreme climbing in very hot weather, feel free to try it. Otherwise, if you’re like me: enjoy the mountain just from pictures.