Lassen Park Trip – Part Three: Learning to Pee without Scaring the Deer

Crazy title right? Sorry to say, I don’t have any photos of this incident from our trip: it was late at night, and the photos would have all been just black anyways.

While in your own homes, a bathroom may be across a hallway, the bathrooms at the cabin campsite we were staying at were outside: a literal nightmare in the middle of the night.

So my dad and I had to go to the bathroom, but you can’t just freely step outside of your cabin in the middle of night. It’s bear country. In order to play it safe, we chose to shine our flashlight outdoors first and right then we saw several deer just staring back, a bit off in the distance.

Long story short, we ended up waiting for half an hour, making sure all deer had left before making our move toward the bathrooms.