boba tea

Local Boba Tea Shop Recommendation

Do you love drinks???!  Boba Guys, Teaspoon, T4, and Gong Cha are famous brands that we see very often. Today, I’ll be introducing to you a new brand: Yi-Fan. Yi-Fan was founded in 2016 in Taiwan and currently has 15,000 stores worldwide including 9 in North California.

As a tea lover, I always order a cup of tea to see if I like the store. Undoubtedly, Yi-Fan’s tea passed! Yi-Fan’s ingredient are fresh and directly sent to their stores. On their website, they even put inspection report of their food ingredient for consumers to check.

Some of their drinks includes famous tea and fruit from Taiwan. For example,the Sun Moon Lake Black tea, which is from Taiwan’s Sun Moon lake where the most famous black tea is grown.  My favorite drink from Yi-Fan is their passion fruit green tea. This passion fruit is from a town, Puli, in central Taiwan, where the sunlight is enough for the fruit to be sweet and the air pollution is minimal.

I know you guys love boba, but sometime you can also try drinking tea to taste the true flavor of the drink.