animal of Pittsburg State Univ.

Part 2: Animals of Pittsburg State Univ.

Hi everyone, welcome to part 2 of the animals of Pittsburg State university. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out part one here:

Animal of Pittsburg State Univ.

This is a barn owl (forgot name, will let you know in the future). She is pretty much strictly nocturnal so she just sleeps during the day.

Animal of Pittsburg State Univ.

Alex the harris hawk. He had splay leg as a chick, which is when they cant properly get their legs under them and stand up, but he has mostly recovered. He likes to play catch with the mice and chicks that are his diet.

Animal of Pittsburg State Univ.

This is Bo the barred owl. She has been at Pitt state for almost 20 years. She is old so she doesn’t do much activity anymore.

That’s all I got for right now. We have more animals that aren’t birds, so I will get you pics soon. Let me know which one was your favorite and see you next time!