Santa Cruz Trip

Santa Cruz Trip

Hi! Welcome to my two day trip to Santa Cruz✨

First stop: Seacliff state beach 

Santa Cruz beach

A great place for a walk or stay here overnight on your RV in its oceanfront campground! There is also a half sunk ship, which is closed to the public now, called USS Palo Alto. (a lot of birds flying on the ship lol)

Second stop: Crow’s Nest Restaurant

The restaurant is located right next to the beach. Its outdoor space is open, but you might need to wait for 15 min for seats to be available. Inside, it has a wall of pins that is for sale. 

Third stop: Verve coffee factory

The Verve coffee was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, a seaside town. The founders Ryan and Colby are college classmates both from Northern California. They were both passionate about coffee when they were in college. Currently, there are 13 branches in the world. The expansion of the brand is not extremely rapid, but its taste is very popular.

Each Verve coffee uses a different coffee machine, coffee pot, dosage, and water temperature. If the brew does not reach the best flavor, they tell you to wait and make another cup. Today I came to the Verve Factory. The store is designed in an industrial style. Because of the epidemic, only one door is opened to provide take-out. Drinking a cup of good coffee and walking along the coast of Santa Cruz can be a nice thing to do before school starts again.

[104 Bronson Street Suite 19Santa Cruz, CA 95062](