Zoom: What is it & How to Use Part 2

Part 2: If you haven’t already, make sure to check out part 1 here: http://talkthegap.com/zoom-what-is-it-how-to-use-part-1/

Abilities Within a Session

When you start your session, you should reach a screen like this:

Alright, so most of the important stuff is in the task bar near the bottom of my screen. Let’s start from the left, and move rightwards.

  • There’s a microphone, “mute”, on the left side of the task bar. The microphone is grey, but when you talk it will turn green. The more green the microphone turns, the louder you are speaking. Note that if you press the microphone button you will mute/unmute yourself. If there is a red cross through the button, then you are muted. Always check this button when you enter a session to see if you are muted or not.
  • To the right of the microphone, there is a video camera symbol, “Start Video”. Similar to the microphone, if there is a cross through the symbol, your participants cannot see you. Always check this button when you enter a session to see if your video is on or off.
  • The “security” button in the middle left has a few security related settings. You can control whether or not your participants can chat, unmute themselves, rename themselves, etc.
  • “Participants”, to the right of security, shows who is currently in your Zoom session.
  • “Chat”, to the right of participants, allows you to type in a chat bar. Click the chat button if you want to access this bar. Chat can be used to share links, pictures, or even just to communicate with participants if you’re having some technical difficulties.
  • “Share Screen” is an interesting feature. This allows you to project a tab on your computer to your participants. I touch more on this in a section below.
  • “Record” can be used to record your Zoom meeting. You can save this recording to your computer.

Share Screen

“Share Screen” is a versatile tool that you can use to share a tab on your computer with your participants. Participants can also share their screens with you, so if you do not want this, disable your participants’ ability to do this in the security button mentioned above. 

To share your screen, press the green “Share Screen” button in the center of the task bar at the bottom of your screen. 

You will be brought to a window that looks like this:

You may select the tabs that you want to share then press “Share” at the bottom right to share the tabs with your participants. 

To stop sharing, Press the red “stop” button on the bar that appears when you begin screen sharing. 

Ending a Session

To end a meeting, press the “End” button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You will have 2 options:

You can either terminate the session, or leave the session. The latter option would still allow your participants to stay in the session while you are gone.

Joining a Zoom Session

If you are going to be a participant in a Zoom session, the easiest way to join the session is to access the zoom session invitation that was mentioned in the “Setting Up a Session” section above. Once you have the invitation, click the link within, and you should be in! 

Zoom App

When entering a zoom session, whether you are a host or a participant, zoom tries to connect you to your session through the zoom app. This app should automatically download to your computer when you try to access a session, but you may have to sign in to your zoom account on the app, and click the invitation link again. 


Thanks so much for reading through this guide! I hope that this helps you use Zoom in the future!